A new way to share food!
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Do you have more food than you could actually use?

You are going on a vacation, but the fridge is full of fresh ingredients? You have bought too much and you can't possibly eat all of it before it spoils? Or are the leftovers from the last party too much for your fridge?

Share with your neighbours!

foodoor helps you find a neighbour who will gladly take some of your extra food - or provide you with a snack for yourself. Don't waste food unnecessarily - with foodoor!

Do you want to find out more?

Give us your email address and we will notify you when the app is ready.

Foodoor prize Foodoor team
foodoor was born at the first Foodhack Vienna during the 28th and 29th of March 2015
in Stockwerk Coworking Space and won the first prize!
Petar "Ben" Petrov
I am the co-founder of a small but productive mobile app software agency based in Vienna. Apart from being one of foodoor's backend developers, I am also an Android Jedi. When I am not in front of a monitor, I like reading, cycling and star gazing.
If you want to talk to me, drop me a line at petar@foodoor.org or hit me up on twitter @peshkira.
Marco "Solo" Arcangeli
I am a freelance graphic designer based in Vienna. As a cover junkie, I am in love with print media, but currently I am focusing my passion on mobile app design. In my free time, I do portrait photography, travelling, cycling and video gaming.
If you want to talk to me, drop me a line at marco@foodoor.org or hit me up on twitter @marcoarcangeli.
Sebastian "Luke" Hofer
I am a PhD student at the MedUni in Vienna where I work on modern health-care solutions. At foodoor, I am responsible for backend development and the content marketing and media presence. Apart from this, I like music, sports, art and the good things in life.
If you want to talk to me, drop me a line at sebastian@foodoor.org.
Manuel "Anakin" Maly
I am the co-founder of Creative Pragmatics, a front-end wrangler and an iOS wizard. When I am not working on foodoor or other great projects, I like rocking and playing on my guitar.
If you want to talk to me, drop me a line at manuel@foodoor.org or hit me up on twitter @manuelmaly.
Rossella "Leia" Valenti
I work as freelance graphic designer in Vienna. I get bored easily if there isn't always something new to learn. That's why after years of editorial design and brand identity, I decided to explore the world of mobile apps. Cooking, meeting friends and travel is what relaxes my eyes and my brain.
If you want to talk to me, drop me a line at rossella@foodoor.org or hit me up on twitter @missrozzella.


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What is foodoor?
foodoor is a mobile app that helps you to not waste food. Have you ever felt sorry for throwing away perfectly good leftovers - vegetables, fruits, milk or anything else that you just could’t eat? If yes, foodoor is the right app for you. The next time you think of throwing good food away, just use foodoor to snap a picture, write a short description and share it. If one of your neighbours is interested, they will be notified and can come to get the food at a convenient time for you. Don’t worry, only neighbours in your building (or your vicinity, if you choose so) can see what you post.
Who can join foodoor?
Currently we are in a beta stage and foodoor is only available in Vienna, Austria. However, it is for everyone and we are trying to expand as fast as possible. If you want to start using foodoor in your city, please contact us at hi@foodoor.org.
How much does it cost?
foodoor is completely free. This counts for the app itself, as well as any food that is shared via foodoor. If a users asks for money or any other form of payment, please do not accept the offer and contact us with additional information at hi@foodoor.org.
Where and when can I get foodoor?
foodoor will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store. If you are interested, you can give us your email address above and we will let you know, when the app is available.
Can I sell food on foodoor?
No, this is forbidden. If you know someone who tries to sell food on foodoor, please contact us at hi@foodoor.org.
Who can see my offers?
We value privacy. That is why we designed foodoor in a way that by default, you offers are only shared with (and visible to) neighbours within your building. If you want to share with other people, you can change that in the app settings - but that is completely up to you.
Who can see my address? What is shared with other users?
By default, other users can't see your name or address. Only when you share an offer, users in your building will be able to see your name and address, so that they can come and knock on your door. If you want, you can decide to share your food with people around the corner by changing the app settings. Your email address is never shared.
I love your idea! How can I help?
We offer foodoor for free and carry the development, maintenance and any other costs ourselves. So any form of donation or sponsorship is very welcome. If you want to help us grow the community around foodoor or expand to other cities, we have a few ideas how you can help. Please contact us at hi@foodoor.org.
How are you different from foodsharing.de?
foodsharing.de collects larger amounts of food from different organisations and distributes them to publicly accessible refrigerators. Although we love the concept behind foodsharing, we feel there is a need for something complementary on a smaller scale.
A troll posted an obscene image. What should I do?
Just flag the offer in the app and we will take a look immediately. If 3 or more people flag an image as inappropriate, it will be filtered by the app.